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5 seeds crackers ~~ Crackers aux 5 graines

Happy Monday everyone!I hope you all had a great weekend. Today, I am sharing my 5 seeds cracker recipe with you. It’s a vegan recipe – we don’t need to be vegan to appreciate healthy and tasty food, right?  Click here for to print the recipe They go perfectly well with […]

Mango pudding ~~ Pudding de mangue – vegan

Hi everyone! Waking up on a Monday is always the hardest to start a new week but as the week goes by, I feel it gets easier. To cheer us up, I am sharing this light, easy and so refreshing dessert with you.  Cliquer ici pour imprimer la recette en […]

Banana breads

Feeling so productive today, so happy to catch up with the recipe posts! In Mexico (most probably in other parts of the world too), Valentine’s Day is also the occasion to celebrate friendship. There was a secret friend organised at school, each child brings something to another one. In my […]

Beetroot hummus ~~ Houmous à la betterave

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s post is about a recipe. It’s a staple in our house but a revisited version Click here for the printable recipe I am more of the conservative side when it comes to certain recipes. But a video on my Facebook feed got my attention. It showed […]

Chinese almond cookies ~~ Biscuits chinois aux amandes

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! May the year of Earth Pig bring you health and prosperity! Retrieved from Google Images – Awareness Days website As my children are growing, I can go a little crazy and prepare a large traditional meal like my mother used to. It mostly includes food that is […]

Recette de raviolis chinois au poulet

Comme certains le savent, nous fêterons le Nouvel An Chinois demain. J’avais déjà partage ma recette de raviolis chinois au poulet avec mes abonnés anglophones il y a bientôt deux ans je crois. Mais comme la recette paraît plus fastidieuse qu’elle ne l’est réellement, je me dis qu’un article tout […]