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Coco cashew yogurts ~~ Yaourts coco cajou

Hi everyone, I hope you are starting your weekend well. Maybe some of you are travelling since Monday is off here. We are lucky that we didn’t plan anything. My daughter sprained her left ankle so we spent a couple of hours at the hospital. I have to say that […]

Banana breads

Feeling so productive today, so happy to catch up with the recipe posts! In Mexico (most probably in other parts of the world too), Valentine’s Day is also the occasion to celebrate friendship. There was a secret friend organised at school, each child brings something to another one. In my […]

La brioche des rois de Cook with Lu

Je vous avez dit que je posterai plus de recette cette année J  En l’honneur de l’épiphanie, je vous poste une recette de brioche des rois. Personnellement j’adore la galette des rois à la frangipane mais mon mari n’est pas fan. Alors ce sera donc une brioche des rois pour aujourd’hui et une […]

Fluffy and light pancakes

Hi there! Yesterday, I woke up and wanted to eat some pancakes. Please reassure me, you do also have cravings just after waking up, right? The children being on summer break, it was just perfect. We have more time in the morning to prepare a proper breakfast. I am not […]