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Oven baked polenta

A recipe that will make you appreciate polenta for today’s post. My husband told me “I don’t like polenta, don’t make it” I felt like I am missing out something so I was determined to make him change his mind. And I succeeded! He told me it was the best recipe […]

Apple fig crumble

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great! And that your car is refueled J  If you make your own almond milk and don’t know what to do with the leftover pulp, here is a great recipe I have for you. I already shared a recipe of chewy cookies to make […]

La brioche des rois de Cook with Lu

Je vous avez dit que je posterai plus de recette cette année J  En l’honneur de l’épiphanie, je vous poste une recette de brioche des rois. Personnellement j’adore la galette des rois à la frangipane mais mon mari n’est pas fan. Alors ce sera donc une brioche des rois pour aujourd’hui et une […]

My vacherin like pavlova recipe

Hi everyone,  I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope you have all well behaved and that Santa brought you what you asked for 🙂  As some of you may know, in France people usually serve a Christmas log to close a traditional dinner made with seafood, […]

Fluffy and light pancakes

Hi there! Yesterday, I woke up and wanted to eat some pancakes. Please reassure me, you do also have cravings just after waking up, right? The children being on summer break, it was just perfect. We have more time in the morning to prepare a proper breakfast. I am not […]

My hummus recipe

I don’t like Mondays. But do you know what I like? Hummus. So I made my famous recipe yesterday to cheer me up.  Who does not like hummus? Nobody, right? Even kids love it. Well, at least mine. Just yesterday afternoon, my younger one was snacking on it with some […]

My falafel recipe

Hi everyone, I posted a photo of the falafels I made on my Instagram – newbie here – and I have been asked me to share my recipe. So here it goes! Before we dig into it, follow me on Instagram so you can see more of the food I […]

Christmas Tree of Cookies

Hi everyone, Here is another baking session you can make with your little ones and that is perfectly in the season theme. I bought a set from Central Gourmet. It is retailed at 240 pesos and comes with 5 stainless steel star cutters, a small round cutter to create the […]

Chinese Jiaozi Recipe

Hi everyone,  Christmas is right around the corner. If you are as lucky as me, your little ones are already on holidays! To change from the traditional Christmas cookies, today, I am going to share one of my go-to Chinese Jiaozi recipe. In my opinion, it is a perfect activity […]