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Super easy Indian dal

Super easy Indian dal

Indian dal, so nutritious, so comforting. It is one of my go-to vegetarian comfort food. I usually serve it with rice but whenever I can afford the extra step, I make garlic naans. So flavourful and filling! If you are like me, quickly grab my easy and super quick dal […]

Broccoli fritters ~~ Mini galettes au brocoli

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great. I am trying a new format so my French readers can benefit from all my tips and tricks as well. Let me know how you like it. I wanted to share this quick recipe, loaded with veggies and great ingredients to make […]

Thai steamed sea bass ~~ Bar vapeur façon thaï

Hi everyone;  Ready to start another week? I am not to tell you the truth… Monday is my least favourite day of the week – you probably know it already as I already outlined it here – but tomorrow will probably be one of the hardest for me. My daughter […]

Nouilles soba froide

Happy Sunday! Avant de m’en aller comater sur le canapé après un copieux brunch qui met l’Angleterre à l’honneur, je vous poste rapidement ma recette de nouilles soba froide.  Cette recette est très souvent sollicitée par ma fille. Pour lui faire plaisir, je sers la sauce dans une petite tasse à […]

Oven baked polenta

A recipe that will make you appreciate polenta for today’s post. My husband told me “I don’t like polenta, don’t make it” I felt like I am missing out something so I was determined to make him change his mind. And I succeeded! He told me it was the best recipe […]

Miso glazed seabass

I am slowly transitioning to being more active on my blog as my Spanish classes will run until next week. Sniff sniff … I was having fun conversing in Spanish with my teacher. I surely couldn’t have improved that much without her. I am still making a tremendous amount of […]