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Fluffy and light pancakes

Hi there! Yesterday, I woke up and wanted to eat some pancakes. Please reassure me, you do also have cravings just after waking up, right? The children being on summer break, it was just perfect. We have more time in the morning to prepare a proper breakfast. I am not […]

Christmas cookies

Hi everyone, Christmas is around the corner, guys!!!As you already know, I love this time of the year. My children will soon be on holidays and we will spend time cooking, baking and be chilling together. Normally, I wanted to post this recipe later in the month, right before Christmas […]

My go-to pesto sauce

I found this recipe in a book from the 3-star Michelin French chef Alain Ducasse called Provencal cooking class. You can it download it here.  I don’t buy pesto sauce from the supermarket anymore. This sauce tastes so much better, fresher and healthier. Here are the ingredients you will need:  […]