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Japanese ramen tantanmen - my easy recipe

Japanese ramen tantanmen – my easy recipe

Japanese ramen tantanmen is an underrated ramen dish you should try at least once. If you are a fan of Japanese ramen, I am sure you’ll adopt it for good. It is both quick and easy to make at home. Before I yield my secrets on how to make Japanese […]

Authentic Chinese chive and pork dumplings

Chinese chive and pork dumplings are the most traditional dim sum (called dianxin in Mandarin). Dumplings are called jiaozi in China. What you put inside these tiny delicious treats almost vary from family to family. However, the filling made with Chinese chives and pork is definitely a staple. So you […]

Easy homemade puff pastry

Easy homemade puff pastry with true layers of lamination

Making puff pastry from scratch has never been easier with my recipe. I absolutely love using puff pastry to make tart and pastry. These flaky layers give any baked good that special crunch and airy texture. Unfortunately, I find laminating the dough is quite time restrictive (#busymum). But that was […]

Super easy Indian dal

Super easy Indian dal

Indian dal, so nutritious, so comforting. It is one of my go-to vegetarian comfort food. I usually serve it with rice but whenever I can afford the extra step, I make garlic naans. So flavourful and filling! If you are like me, quickly grab my easy and super quick dal […]

Chicken soba noodle salad

My healthy chicken soba noodle salad

If you are a salad person in summer (who’s not?!), my chicken soba noodle salad is definitely for you! Enjoying it chilled is like a nice summer breeze. So, you can definitely make it ahead of time. This chicken soba noodle salad will store in the fridge for about 3 […]

Easy key lime pie recipe

My easy key lime pie recipe

My very first encounter with a key lime pie was 16 years ago. At that time, my husband and I would chill at our favourite tea house after our Saturday lunch. He’d typically order a slice of key lime pie with a pot of jasmine tea. While I would vary […]

Raisins and thyme crackers ~~ Crackers aux raisins et thym

Hi everyone! It’s Friday and Friday now means casual aperitif-dinner made of various finger foods in our family. Living abroad, away from your family means that you don’t get to together for most of the traditional family celebrations where ties are being created between family members around a nice meal. […]